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Hite & Co.

​Strategic CS & Workplace Consulting


"Strategic Corporate Service Professional" Kim Hidenori and alliance partners will help you take your corporate services (general affairs) function to the next level, as well as find your new workplace standard to fit to new normal and diverse work-style demands. 


From start-up companies to mature large companies, we will work together, to provide comprehensive advisory from a corporate perspective, such as professional financial management (fixed costs), facility management, office construction, relocation, and operational know-how, in line with business growth strategies.


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EXPO/ Seminar / Webinar in 2020​


Representative Kim Hidenori


Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Waseda University. After working at an office design office, Kim went to the United States Graduate School to study for a Master in Facility Management (FM).

After returning to Japan, he joined Morgan Stanley Group Co., Ltd., and has been engaged in general affairs and facility management (FM) for over 25 years, mainly for large companies such as Goldman Sachs Japan, Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd., Johnson Controls, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Gain practical experience at. He has a wide range of consulting and outsourcing experience from startup companies to famous large companies.

Kim has been called a new leader in general affairs and facility management because of his many years of contributions to the general affairs and FM industry. Holds first-class architect, MCR (Real Estate Management Qualification) and {Certified Facility Manager (CFM)} qualifications.

Introduction of H.Kim
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In-house Experience
Alliance Partners
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Business Tie-up with
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