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Project Navigation and management

The reality of the corporate service and facility business is that there is no time or know-how to think about strategy by in-house resource mainly due to the management of daily operations. Utilizing outside professionals who are familiar with strategic corporate service, we will be able to shift from "administrative general affairs" to "strategic corporate service" with minimal investment and time. We will commit to improving employee satisfaction and increasing engagement by strengthening the financial base, managing forecasts and organizing priorities, forming specialized teams, welfare programs to be attacked, and creating offices and services that are suited to the culture.

■Corporate Real Estate

Real estate-related costs, which are said to be about half of the occupancy costs (corporate service wallet). Most of these costs, called fixed costs, are office rents. Not only rent negotiations with building owners, but also the optimal office area suited to the company's working style and culture, added value of building services other than rent, medium- to long-term base office strategy, restoration costs (future asset retirement obligations) Management that simultaneously achieves financial PL effects such as reduction and the effect of workability is the basis of CRE. There are high hurdles to implementing the process, and a full-fledged implementation requires internal advisors and leaders from experience.

Project Navigation and management

Office transformation is the stage of growth from the start-up to the IPO, as well as to business reform and reorganization after becoming a mature company. A major project that has a significant impact on company productivity requires in-house experience as well as the expertise of external professionals. As a PMO (Project Management Office) advisor, the process from project decision, goal setting, internal decision-making, planning, and implementation to decision of relocation should be made based on the change requirements of the office in accordance with the company's corporate culture. You have the right to stay within the company, but navigate the entire decision making process and competitive quality with outside knowledge.

■FM Seminar

The most important factor in practicing strategic corporate service is the need to balance generally the “professional skills” (general professional skills) and “jobs” (professional professional skills). Job skills are fostered by a long-term employment system and general employee education, but job skills specialized in corporate service and facilities related are not developed well. At Hite & Co., employees who can contribute to management by fostering and maintaining and growing strategic corporate service skills internally by effectively conducting specialized facility management training, focusing on improving job skills for in-house employees, affiliates, and resident companies.

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